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  • Updates causing a break: occasionally updating WordPress, the plugins, and even themes will cause something else to break. While we will do our best to correct these breaks, sometimes a new solution is necessary. If the fix it not an easy one, we will restore your previously working website and contact you for possible actions.
    • While these types of issues are difficult to quantify, it is a rare occurence. Possible issues that would require additional costs would be: replacing a theme, replace an outdated plugin with a new plugin, having to modify custom code, and other unknown situations
  • Theme updates: Themes come in three forms. First are themes that exist in the WordPress repository or are setup to be updated through the backend of WordPress. Second are premium themes that are purchased on a site such as Theme Forest. Third would be a custom built theme that may or may not have updates available. As a result, only themes from the repository will be updated with the $30/month price. Premium themes require the $50/month price. Custom themes are not supported and would fall under the category of an update that causes things to break and requires a theme update/rebuild.
  • Backups: Backups are done weekly and stored securly in the cloud. If you require daily backups you will need the $69/month price level. While backups are generally a sure thing, occasionally a backup is corrupted and we must go back further to restore your site. This does mean that you may need to recreate some content. On very rare occassions all backups are corrupted and no restoration is possible. This is highly unlikely but must be stated.
  • Monthly Reporting: Reporting will include general numbers and will not be highly detailed. It will show you the number of plugins updated (not the specific plugins that were updated). It will show how many times WordPress was updated. It will show how many times a WordPress Repository theme was updated. These reports will not include Premium Theme update numbers.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Monitoring will be done on a 5 minute interval. It is possible for your site to be down for 5 minutes before we are notified. While we treat these situations seriously, our response time is not immediate. It could take several hours for a response and resolution.
  • Broken Link Checking: We will check your site for broken links and will inform you of these breaks. It is your responsibility to fix these broken links. You may hire us to fix the links but generally we don’t know where the link should point when it is broken.
  • Monthly Payments: There is no contract period. You are free to come and go as you please. Monthly payments are done through PayPal subscriptions which requires that you have a PayPal account. If you want to utilize this service but do not want to use PayPal, there will be an additional $10/month charge and you will be required to contact us directly to put a credit card on file.
    • Payment Failures – PayPal will attempt several days later to collect a payment. If it fails a second time, service to your account will be terminated until your account has been brought up-to-date. If you choose to do an offline payment and it fails, we will attempt to contact you twice. If we do not hear back we will terminate your service until your account has been brought up-to-date.
  • Termination of Services: Should you terminate services, your backups will be destroyed and monitoring/updates will be also be terminated. If your website should be compromised after terminating services, it will be your responsibility to pay your web designer to restore your website. We will not have any backups to provide. We do offer web design services through our sister company, Winter Web Method.
  • Other: As with any business, there may be other limitations and restrictions not stated. By signing up for our service(s) you agree to work with us in good faith to resolve any issues that arise from either end on any issue.