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This service is a month-to-month service. If you choose to stop service after 1 month you are free to do so. We simply recommend that you treat this like insurance. If nothing else, the managed backup of your website is worth the Silver Package. If you site goes down and you don’t have a backup, you will be down much longer and will spend a lot more than $30 to have your site rebuilt.

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WordPress Updates – We make sure your WordPress version is up-to-date

Plugin Updates – Plugins are often updated when a security bug is found. We make sure to keep these up-to-date

Theme Updates – Just like plugins, themes are updated when security problems are found. We keep these up-to-date

(Only themes that can be updated from the WordPress Dashboard)

Weekly Backups – Your site gets backed up on a regular basis so that if something does happen, we can restore your site quickly.

Daily Backups

Premium Theme Updates – Some themes do not allow for an update through the WP Dashboard. These updates require special attention

Monthly Reporting – Know exactly what has been done with your site on a monthly basis. We give you a report of how many backups and updates have been done to your site

Real Time Monitoring – We set a monitor to look at your website. If your site goes down, we will know about it first and can respond quickly

Broken Link Checker – We will check your site for broken links

Database Cleaning – We remove your database clutter and optimize your database. This means faster DB performance.


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